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SkyFi's Biggest Leap Yet in Earth Observation


We Are the World's Geospatial Hub

SkyFi is proud to reaffirm our status as the world’s geospatial hub, continuously evolving and expanding our Earth observation capabilities. Our mission to provide comprehensive, accessible, and high-quality satellite and aerial imagery remains at the core of our efforts, helping users worldwide gain a more transparent view of our planet.

Introducing Balloon Imagery from Urban Sky

SkyFi's First Aerial Imagery We're thrilled to introduce Urban Sky’s stratospheric balloon imagery, representing a significant enhancement to our data offerings and having the distinction of being our first integrated aerial imaging provider. This new technology boasts an impressive 10 cm resolution, offering finer details and smaller scene sizes for our archive.

What This Mean

  • Enhanced Resolution: Observe the world with clarity never before seen on SkyFi with 10 cm resolution imagery.

  • Smaller Scene Sizes: Tailored to your specific needs, our archive now includes smaller minimum scene sizes for Urban Sky data. Order aerial imagery with areas as compact as 1 km2 for your most detail-focused projects.

Deepening our SAR Data Partnership with Umbra

SkyFi continues to lead the way in making the highest resolution commercially available Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data available to everyone, all thanks to our partner Umbra.

SAR Historical Imagery through Umbra’s Archive

Umbra’s full commercial data archive is now accessible on SkyFi, a first for the industry. This offering provides SkyFi customers with a unique opportunity to explore past landscapes and changes over time from a radar’s point of view, in the same easy-to-use SkyFi browsing experience you’ve come to expect.

Umbra’s Open Data Program: A Wealth of Free Data

SkyFi’s Open Data initiative now includes over 20 diverse global locations and lots of volcanoes (thanks Todd), providing free SAR data in varied resolutions. This initiative gives you access to over $1 million of free data Umbra has given away this year, now on SkyFi’s web and mobile apps.

Integrating Global Archives through GEOSAT

GEOSAT is the latest expansion of our high resolution daytime imagery offerings with 75 cm archive data. This partnership adds to SkyFi’s global provider footprint with our first commercial data coming out of Western Europe.

What This Means

  • Bolstering a Robust Archive: With data rich and visually appealing 75 cm optical imagery, GEOSAT gives customers more options for historical analysis and ongoing change monitoring.

  • Global Reach: GEOSAT’s archive opens up additional existing imagery options across the globe, including some of our customers’ most requested regions in Asia and the Middle East.

IMPRO Now Available For Tasking

SkyFi is excited to integrate IMPRO’s capabilities, adding a new very high-resolution satellite to our network and enhancing our optical and stereo data offerings across the planet.

What This Means

  • Advanced Resolution: IMPRO’s integration gives SkyFi another trusted partner at the 50 cm Very High resolution tier, one of our most popular offerings.

  • Tri-Stereo Capability: Experience a new dimension in satellite imagery with our new tri-stereo option, offering enhanced depth perception for data-intensive analysis.

  • Global Coverage with Regional Focus: IMPRO’s global reach comes with specialized access, particularly offering Very High resolution coverage over China and East Asia, meeting growing demands in one of the world's most dynamic regions.

Onward, SkyFi Team