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Up Close & Personal.


Just because you’re not a globetrotter, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see everything that the whole world has to offer. Just download the app and select a place—any place.

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Picture Perfect.


A fresh perspective can work wonders. Choose from bright daytime images or moody nighttime shots to find the perfect fit. You can add filters or enhance the clarity for a totally customizable final product.

Our Satellites, Your Command.


Once you’ve made your final selections, sit back and relax while SkyFi’s 40+ satellites take care of the rest.

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Take your business
to new heights

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SkyFi is a powerful professional tool. For real estate, finance, energy, insurance companies—and many more—we can be your eyes in the sky to cut costs, save time and streamline your to-do lists.

With Skyfi, you can:
  • Obtain current, top-quality satellite images on demand
  • Review assets without ever stepping foot outside your office
  • Scope out potential projects from halfway around the world
  • Keep track of team performance in the field
  • Assess property value, damage or risk

Capture life from
every angle

SkyFi is a 24/7 satellite cam that fits in your pocket. Whether you’re a natural planner, diehard adventurer, avid researcher, modern-day explorer or someone who simply enjoys preserving memories, we’re your portal to effortlessly capture a space-eye view of any location on Earth.

With Skyfi, you can:
  • Scope out a location for a vacation, wedding, camping trip or wilderness expedition
  • Capture photos of your most cherished memories
  • Monitor environmental trends in climate change or deforestation
  • Plan a cross-country move or purchase an out-of-state home
  • Explore the world outside the bounds of physical travel
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Partner with SkyFi

Join our orbit to reach new audiences

The demand for earth observation is on the rise. By partnering with us, your images land in the hands of those seeking it - the ambitious, creative and adventurous SkyFi users.

As a SkyFi partner, you will:
  • Experience stellar organic growth
  • Tap into a new, high-growth consumer market
  • Boost sales without expanding your sales team
  • Play a vital role in the evolution of earth observation
  • Empower individuals to contribute to society in an impactful way
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Powered by a multi-data source approach, SkyFi’s integrated platform includes innovative features such as aerial imagery at 10cm, optical imagery from 40cm up to 5m resolution, true color nighttime imagery, video captured from space, hyperspectral data and radar data. Join us in our mission to innovate and democratize the earth observation market.

Meet Mission

Our team is made up of explorers, adventurers and experts that are harnessing the power of modern technology to uplevel your business operations

Bill Perkins
Bill Perkins

Energy trader, hedge fund manager and venture capitalist with decades of experience.

Luke Fischer
Luke Fischer

Operations leader experienced in aerospace and defense, autonomy, and emerging technologies. Former Uber, Joby, Shield Capital, Army Special Operations.

Kammy Brun
Kammy Brun

Satellite industry veteran of 15 years with expertise in business development and market analysis. Former Airbus Defense & Space, Euroconsult, HEAD Aerospace.

Krasen Georgiev
Krasen Georgiev

17-year veteran in the tech industry as a software engineer with leadership experience. Previously at Uber, Axway, Alcatraz AI.

Marc Horowitz
Marc Horowitz

Financial trader background with decades of experience in energy and financial markets. Previously at Hess Energy, Centaurus Energy. Upenn Finance and Accounting.

Abby Hinson
Abby Hinson

Management consulting background with focus in M&A, supply chain, and operations. Previously at PwC Consulting. Ohio State Accounting.

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