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SkyFi Partners with SATIM to Offer SAR-based Maritime Surveillance

SATIM x SkyFi®

SkyFi has partnered with SATIM to offer vessel detection and classification on the SkyFi platform. SATIM’s vessel detection and classification technology tailored to commercial markets has been integrated into SkyFi’s analytical offerings, now available on SkyFi’s web and mobile apps, using SAR data from Umbra, a key partner.

SATIM, established in 2012, has pioneered the use of SAR imagery to offer near real-time, 90% accurate classification and detection of objects. This capability is crucial for maritime surveillance, ensuring safety and operational efficiency in global maritime activities. SATIM's innovative approach to AI-based object detection and classification on satellite SAR imagery represents a significant advancement in remote monitoring and surveillance.

Jacek Strzelczyk, CEO of SATIM, shared, “SkyFi solves a very important and complex problem of getting an efficient access to satellite-based data, while SATIM's software enables translation of that data to information. This joint offer will definitely help a wider audience to start utilizing SAR imagery, which can be acquired by satellites regardless of the night or day time and the cloud coverage, but is very complex to interpret. SATIM's AI makes it simple to extract insights quickly and accurately.”

SATIM's expertise, combined with SkyFi’s platform, offers an unparalleled solution for monitoring commercial vessels, aiding in the prevention of illegal activities, and enhancing maritime logistics.

"By integrating SATIM's specialized knowledge into the SkyFi platform, we're setting a new standard in maritime surveillance. This collaboration significantly improves our users’ capacity for tracking vessels across the globe from just their phone or a computer," said Luke Fischer, Cofounder and CEO of SkyFi.

SAR technology is known for its ability to penetrate weather conditions and provide imagery both day and night, making it indispensable for continuous maritime surveillance. The integration of this technology allows users to perform detailed analyses of maritime traffic, detect illegal activities, and monitor port operations.

SkyFi’s platform stands out for its user-friendly interface, making advanced data analytics accessible to a broad, global audience. Users can purchase SAR data from Umbra and utilize SATIM’s detection technology for comprehensive vessel monitoring, all within a single, integrated environment.

By combining SkyFi's platform capabilities with SATIM's innovative AI-based SAR imagery analysis, both companies are dedicated to improving the monitoring of maritime activities, safeguarding against illegal activities, and promoting environmental protection. 

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