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SkyFi Integrates GEOSAT Tasking Capability

GEOSAT Announcement

With our newest integration, we are thrilled to start offering users the ability to directly task GEOSAT's satellites for 75 cm imagery, ensuring comprehensive global coverage with the precision needed for intricate analysis.

This integration notably enriches SkyFi's imagery offerings, providing a critical tool for professionals and organizations across the globe. From environmental scientists monitoring climate change to urban planners shaping the cities of tomorrow, access to GEOSAT's high-resolution imagery opens new vistas for detailed exploration and impactful decision-making.

"We are at a pivotal juncture in how we understand and interact with our planet," says SkyFi's CEO. "Through our partnership with GEOSAT, we are expanding the horizons of geospatial data, bringing into focus the minute details that drive global change," said SkyFi CEO, Luke Fischer.

End-users stand to benefit immensely from this integration. By enhancing SkyFi's tasking capabilities, users can now access tailored satellite imagery with near real-time precision, a crucial factor in areas ranging from disaster response to agricultural optimization. This level of detail and flexibility empowers users to conduct more nuanced analyses and develop solutions with a higher degree of accuracy and relevance.

This initiative not only exemplifies SkyFi's dedication to innovation and quality but also reinforces our mission to offer adaptable and precise Earth observation solutions. As SkyFi continues to evolve, partnerships like these are pivotal in shaping a future where geospatial intelligence becomes increasingly integral to decision-making across the globe.

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