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SkyFi Announces Integration of Satellogic Submeter Archives

Satellogic x SkyFi Launch Archive

30 Million km2 of High-Resolution Images Plus Free Samples Now Available

SkyFi is pleased to announce the integration of Satellogic's satellite imagery archives into our platform. This significant update brings enhanced Earth observation capabilities to our users, including 99 cm resolution imagery, global points of interest, and a minimum order size of 5 km².

Satellogic: Available on Web and Mobile
Satellogic: Available on Web and Mobile

The integration of Satellogic's archives into the SkyFi platform, supplementing the existing tasking capabilities within the Satellogic constellation, marks a substantial advancement in our high-resolution Earth observation offerings. It provides users with detailed and frequently updated satellite imagery, essential for accurate monitoring and strategic planning in various sectors. With a minimum order size of 5 km², customers will only pay for what they need.

In addition, there will be a free sample dataset available for non-commercial use. This includes up to 50 scenes at no cost, serving as a valuable opportunity for users to assess and understand the capabilities of Satellogic satellite imagery before making a purchase.

Why archive data? Archive data is a valuable tool for a variety of applications, offering a baseline for change analysis, especially damage assessments following disasters or conflicts. Satellogic high-resolution archive data is also an affordable option for creating models and training algorithms, such as object detection, and remote asset monitoring, e.g. annual and/or seasonal monitoring of infrastructure.

This integration is in line with SkyFi's commitment to providing advanced, yet accessible Earth observation data to our international user base. By offering Satellogic’s detailed archive, tasking capabilities, and free sample images, we aim to cater to the varied needs of our users, enabling them to effectively plan, monitor, and execute their projects with precision.

We invite our users to experience the enhanced capabilities brought by the integration of Satellogic's archives into SkyFi. This update represents just another step forward in our mission to make Earth observation data easy to access, and we are excited for our users to benefit from these advancements.

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