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SkyFi and Impact Observatory: Opening Access to Land Monitoring

Impact Observatory and SkyFi partner

[Austin, Texas – September 12, 2023 - In a collaboration that makes Earth observation and environmental analytics accessible to all, SkyFi and Impact Observatory proudly announce the integration of Impact Observatory's Land Use Map Bundle into the SkyFi platform. This strategic partnership marks a significant leap forward in providing global users with unfettered access to vital, near-real-time environmental data and transformative insights.

SkyFi, a pioneer in simplifying Earth observation data and analytics access, has joined forces with Impact Observatory, a leader in AI-driven environmental analytics. This partnership is built on the shared vision of empowering individuals, corporations, and governmental bodies with comprehensive, actionable environmental intelligence.

Unlocking Environmental Insights: Land Use Map Bundle

The Land Use Map Bundle, now available on the SkyFi Insights, is a game-changer. It empowers users to explore and understand the status, trends, and threats for the places they care about as never before. This bundle encompasses a comprehensive map of 14 distinct land use and land cover classes, providing users with insights into pivotal aspects of their environment, from water distribution to urban planning and disaster management.  The bundle also includes a change map, highlighting changes in land cover over the previous twelve months.  The Land Use maps can be updated with the latest satellite imagery available, allowing users to monitor changes in land use in near-real-time. 

land map use bundle
land map use bundle

Access the Land Use Map Bundle through SkyFi Insights here.

“Our Land Use Maps help decision-makers monitor and manage the impacts of human activities on the environment. These high-resolution, near-real-time, customized maps provide reliable and actionable information on land use patterns, changes, and drivers,” said Katy Densmore, Head of Business for Impact Observatory. “Together with the wealth of satellite and analytics data now available with SkyFi Insights, users have easy access to a truly rich dataset for urban planning, biodiversity conservation, disaster management, water resource management, and climate action.”

The highly anticipated launch of the Land Use Map Bundle on Monday, September 11, 2023, stands as an exciting milestone in Earth observation technology. SkyFi platform users can now easily access and harness the profound capabilities of Impact Observatory's analytics.

"With the addition of Impact Observatory's product to the SkyFi platform, users can now effortlessly understand how the world is changing around them or peer into the past to comprehend the changes happening today. All it takes is a few clicks of a button, and soon, our users will have this power at their fingertips, even on mobile devices. This is a remarkable step towards democratizing environmental intelligence for a variety of use cases," said Payton Barnwell, Product Manager of SkyFi Insights. 

Empowering Environmental Understanding

SkyFi's mission to make Earth observation accessible to all perfectly aligns with Impact Observatory's proficiency in crafting precise and insightful analytics. This partnership ensures that Earth observation data's extraordinary potential is within reach, transcending barriers of background and resources.

About SkyFi

SkyFi is a pioneering force in making Earth observation data universally accessible. With its intuitive platform, SkyFi simplifies the process of acquiring satellite imagery and harnessing the potency of Earth observation analytics. The integration of Impact Observatory's Land Use Map Bundle broadens SkyFi's offerings, further advancing its mission of broadening access to Earth observation data.

About Impact Observatory

Impact Observatory is a mission-driven technology company bringing artificial intelligence (AI) powered algorithms and on-demand data to sustainability and environmental risk analysis for governments, non-profit organizations, companies, and markets. Impact Observatory is committed to making geospatial data more accessible and affordable for everyone. Founded in 2020 in Washington, DC. Impact Observatory’s mission is to empower global decision-makers to be planetary superheroes, with the timely, actionable insights they need to succeed. 

Join the Environmental Revolution

The partnership between SkyFi and Impact Observatory signals a new era in comprehending our environment. Starting September 11, 2023, users are invited to explore the Land Use Map Bundle on the SkyFi platform, giving users heightened environmental awareness and actionable insights.