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Introducing Open Data and SkyFi Insights

open data and insights unlocked

Austin, TX — September 11, 2023 — SkyFi, a leading provider of Earth observation data, is proud to announce a leap in data easification with the simultaneous launch of two transformative products: open data and SkyFi Insights. 

SkyFi Is The Geospatial Hub For The World

With the release of open data and SkyFi Insights, SkyFi is positioned to be the geospatial hub for the world. No longer will users encounter technological complexities or jargon-laden barriers when seeking vital Earth observation information. SkyFi offers an intuitive web and mobile app that empowers users to tap into the power of geospatial knowledge effortlessly.

Open Data Didn’t Equal Accessible Data, Until Now.

By integrating Sentinel 2 data into its platform, SkyFi now provides free and open geospatial data that fosters collaboration, innovation, and accessibility in the satellite imagery realm. “SkyFi is the first company, in the history of the world, to offer direct access to open satellite data through a mobile app,” said Luke Fischer, Cofounder and CEO of SkyFi.”

open data on web and mobile
open data on web and mobile

With imagery updated daily, users can seamlessly access a wealth of valuable, free information from our ever-growing open data catalog.

SkyFi Insights Connects World-Class Geospatial Experts with the Everyday User

SkyFi Insights, the second product release, is your secret weapon for making informed decisions. This intuitive geospatial analytics platform enables users to explore detailed visuals, track changes over time, and uncover hidden patterns within Earth observation data. With SkyFi Insights, we've ditched the tech talk and jargon to provide users with a simple, yet powerful tool for extracting actionable intelligence. It's a giant step in easification, allowing everyone to easily overlay analytics on Earth observation data and get practical answers.

Insights is on web only
Insights is on web only

"We're not just opening the doors to data; we're inviting you to discover Insights that integrate into your workflow, propelling you into a future where answers layer seamlessly over data and bring clarity to every corner of our planet," said Payton Barnwell, Product Manager of SkyFi Insights.

Today’s only the beginning.

SkyFi is opening up a gateway for anyone with a need to understand the world around them. SkyFi Insights and open data represent our commitment to simplicity, accessibility, and empowerment. We invite you to experience a future where answers seamlessly integrate with a treasure trove of geospatial data.