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Evelyn Villarreal Joins SkyFi as Sales Administrator

Meet Evelyn

SkyFi is super pumped to have Evelyn Villarreal join our team. With a strong foundation from her studies at Rollins College and an extensive background in Earth observation through her People Operations role at BlackSky, she brings a unique and comprehensive perspective to the discussion.

Evelyn's approach to her work at SkyFi is characterized by a proactive and self-directed attitude. Although she was initially hired without a detailed job description, she embraced the flexibility and autonomy this offered. This scenario underscores SkyFi's unique approach to talent integration—encouraging new hires to carve their own paths and directly contribute to shaping their roles based on the company's evolving needs.

At SkyFi, Evelyn holds the title of Sales Admin, but her role encompasses much more than the title might suggest. We sat down with her to talk about her new role and why she joined Team SkyFi…

Why SkyFi?

I believe SkyFi is redefining GeoSpatial imagery and analysis in an alternate and niche way. You don't need a large company in the EO world to make waves. You don't need to be a corporate head to make an impact and drive conversation. SkyFi is demonstrating just that, while also cultivating a healthy and refreshing work environment. 

I also strive to make an impact beyond my role and career into the surrounding world. Working to deliver SkyFi’s platform to clients, companies, and communities revolutionizing industries and the world, is absolutely a place I want to show up daily. SkyFi is looking to answer some of the globe’s most pressing challenges, locally and internationally, and I couldn’t be more excited to join the conversation. 

What will you be doing at SkyFi?

From a high level overview, I’ll be supporting and facilitating the BD/Sales team as a whole, building out the sales processes to keep things flowing. My role is to essentially provide additional structure to the Sales side of the house, keeping an eye on clients, metrics, and analyzing/tracking patterns within the pipeline. I also hope to propose better solutions to client engagement, partnering with product and marketing to ensure we are visible to customers and are displaying our services in a cohesive manner. 

What one thing that surprises you about SkyFi?

Just how open everyone is, how collaborative and disruptive you guys all are (in the best way). I love that the team is not afraid to take on a decision and say, “we'll see where it goes.” Everyone is so open with one another, constantly communicating and providing feedback that results in growth and action. You guys are brutally honest about the work you are doing, but the authenticity and the delivery is there every time and I think that's a beautiful thing.

What is your biggest driver for success?

I'm a first gen kid, and that means a lot to me. My cultural roots and identity inform and fuel so much of my professional side. I'm constantly thinking about breaking through barriers as I advance – being a Hispanic woman in this industry drives me to push for success not only for myself, but also as an ode to where I come from and the people and figures that have paved the way. I often think about how I could have not been afforded the opportunities that I have, and I find it so motivating to have tapped into all of these unique moments throughout my professional, academic and even personal life; Gratitude for those circumstances always drives me towards growth, the ‘unknown’, and the desire to take on the challenges that ultimately transform me for the better leading to success. 

What location on Earth is special to you?

Barcelona. Specifically, Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium.

 Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium
Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium

I studied abroad during my college years, and I had always dreamed since I was a little girl of attending a Barça game in Spain with the wild hopes of getting to see Messi, Piqué, ter Stegen – all of these soccer giants that I grew up with – play! When I was living abroad they ended up scheduling a game the day of my actual birthday. I bought seats, wore my jersey, and pinched myself a few times. I still hold that day fresh in my mind. It was an unbelievable feeling. 

SkyFi is excited about the perspectives and skills Evelyn brings to the team. Her ability to blend strategic thinking with practical execution will undoubtedly enhance our capabilities and help us reach new heights in the industry.

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