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SkyFi and Near Space Labs Forge Strategic Partnership to Expand Access to High-Resolution Stratospheric Imagery

Near Space Labs x SkyFi

[Austin, Texas], June 6, 2023 - SkyFi, the industry leader in accessible and affordable Earth observations imagery, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Near Space Labs, a pioneering geospatial data company specializing in highly frequent, high-resolution stratospheric imagery. This collaboration will empower SkyFi users to unlock the potential of Near Space Labs' cutting-edge 10 cm resolution imagery, opening up new opportunities across diverse industries for businesses and consumers.

Near Space Labs leverages zero-emission balloon technology to capture high-resolution imagery of the Earth's surface with refresh rates every 90 days. With unrivaled detail and clarity, their stratospheric imagery offers invaluable insights for industries such as insurance, utilities, infrastructure, conservation, smart cities, retail, energy, government, disaster response, and more. Integrating Near Space Labs’ imagery into SkyFi’s platform has opened doors for consumers to gain access to the same high-quality information usually reserved for businesses. SkyFi customers will gain access to 100% of Near Space Labs’ 10 cm and 30 cm imagery archive.

“We are thrilled to join forces with SkyFi, as we embark on a journey to bring the power of high-resolution imagery to the consumer market,” says Matthew Tucker, VP of Sales and Near Space Labs. “Together, we are reshaping the way consumers perceive and engage with the world around them, opening up a realm of innovation and endless discoveries.”

The partnership between SkyFi and Near Space Labs underscores their shared commitment to democratizing access to high-quality imagery and Earth observation data. By leveraging Near Space Labs' expertise in stratospheric imaging, SkyFi users will gain access to high-resolution, near real-time imagery with exceptional detail and accuracy.

“Near Space Labs has firmly established itself as an industry leader in the aerial and earth observation market, and this collaboration propels the growth of both our organizations even further”, says Ileisa Lambert, Business Development Manager at SkyFi.

“The data provided by Near Space Labs offers an exceptional blend of small scene sizes and ultra-high-resolution imagery. Whether you are conducting research on geographical exploration, embarking on ambitious land development projects, or pursuing environmental studies or agriculture initiatives, we are excited to unveil this groundbreaking data that caters to a diverse range of markets.”

As the partnership progresses, SkyFi and Near Space Labs will work closely to ensure a seamless integration of Near Space Labs' stratospheric imagery into SkyFi's platform. The collaboration between SkyFi and Near Space Labs will not only enhance the capabilities of SkyFi's platform but also enable users to leverage the advantages of Near Space Labs' cutting-edge stratospheric imagery. By combining SkyFi's user-friendly interface with Near Space Labs' technological advancements, both companies strive to revolutionize the way businesses, organizations, and everyday consumers utilize stratospheric imagery for actionable insights.

About Near Space Labs:

Near Space Labs is a cutting-edge Earth imagery and geospatial data company on a mission to provide universal access to high-quality information about our rapidly changing planet. Co-founded by CEO Rema Matevosyan, CTO Dr. Ignasi Lluch, and Chief Engineer Dr. Albert Caubet, Near Space Labs provides timely, wide-scale, ultra high-resolution imagery with the largest zero-emission balloon fleet in the stratosphere. Near Space Labs is revolutionizing the way that businesses, communities, municipalities, and researchers gather data that can help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. For more information, visit

About SkyFi:

SkyFi is the leading provider of accessible and affordable Earth observation imagery solutions. Through its user-friendly app and API, SkyFi empowers users to order high-resolution imagery with ease, enabling informed decision-making across industries. With a commitment to simplifying the process of accessing Earth observation data, SkyFi revolutionizes the way businesses leverage stratospheric imagery. For more information, visit Press Contact: Tom Babb [email protected]