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SkyFi's Newest Integration with Umbra – Elevating SAR Data Accessibility

Unlocked, Umbra Open and Archive Data

AUSTIN, TX, November 28, 2023 – SkyFi, the world’s geospatial hub, announces a significant upgrade in its partnership with Umbra, a pioneer in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology. SkyFi has integrated Umbra's SAR open data and archives, bringing a new level of data to the SkyFi platform.

This upgrade on SkyFi's existing partnership with Umbra enables users to directly access a vast array of SAR data through SkyFi's user-friendly interface

Umbra Open Data Program
Umbra Open Data Program

Integration Highlights:

Direct Access to SAR Archive

  • Extensive Historical Data: Access to Umbra's archive of over 10,000 high-resolution SAR images.

  • Daily Updates: Umbra is frequently updating its archive, with over 200 new satellite collects added just last week.

  • High-Quality Imagery: The archive imagery is the exact same high quality captures offered to all of Umbra’s customers.

Quickly View and Download Open Data

  • Global Coverage: Explore time-series SAR data from over 20 locations worldwide, offering a variety of geographical landmarks to observe.

  • Regular Updates: Actively monitor timely and relevant data for ongoing developments and analysis.

  • Completely Free Access: SkyFi offers this SAR data at no cost, providing an invaluable resource for users who require high-quality Earth observation data without financial constraints.

  • Model and Algorithm Training: Umbra’s freely accessible SAR data is ideal for developing and refining models or algorithms, offering a practical resource for users looking to deepen their understanding of SAR technology and its applications.

Preview SAR Images with Geographical Context

By accessing Umbra’s existing data on SkyFi’s user interface, users can now view SAR imagery directly overlaid on a base map. This integration provides immediate geographical context, allowing users to understand the precise location and surrounding environment of the SAR image before downloading. 

What This Integration Means For You:

  • Enhanced Data Accessibility: Makes accessing and using SAR data simpler for a variety of users, from experts to novices.

  • Comprehensive Earth Monitoring: Facilitates robust environmental, urban, and infrastructure monitoring with all-weather, day-night imaging capabilities.

  • Time-Mapped Data: Enables researchers and innovators to leverage historical and current SAR data for groundbreaking studies and applications.

SkyFi's latest update brings a comprehensive SAR experience, by combining the previously available ability to task Umbra's constellation with direct access to their open and archived data. This integration equips users with a complete suite of tools to explore and understand Earth's surface, all in one accessible platform.