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SkyFi Successfully Integrates Our First Balloon Aerial Provider: Urban Sky

Urban Sky and SkyFi

AUSTIN, TX, November 29, 2023 – SkyFi, the world's geospatial hub, announces its landmark partnership with Urban Sky, a leading innovator in stratospheric balloon and remote sensing technology. This pivotal collaboration marks SkyFi's expansion from satellite imagery to the inclusion of high-resolution balloon aerial images.

Urban Sky – Balloon
Urban Sky – Balloon

Partnership Overview:

  • Expanded Earth Observation Capabilities: With the integration of Urban Sky’s technology, SkyFi now offers up to 10 cm high-resolution aerial imagery, broadening the scope of its Earth observation database.

  • Focused Initial Coverage: Starting with select regions in the US, the partnership promises an extensive expansion in U.S. coverage by 2024.

  • Archive-Only Access: At launch, users will access an extensive archive of aerial images, with plans for more dynamic data integration in the future.

10 cm Image – Industrial Area
10 cm Image – Industrial Area

Integration Highlights:

  • High-Resolution Aerial Imagery: Users can explore imagery with resolutions as crisp as 10cm, offering a new depth of detail in aerial imagery.

  • Selective US Region Coverage: Initial data focuses on specific US regions, providing targeted and detailed insights for various applications.

"SkyFi is transforming the way we view, monitor, and manage Planet Earth. They've built a powerful platform that will help unlock routine, easy access to Earth Observation data. Our mission at Urban Sky is to provide access to more, better data about Planet Earth than ever before, and SkyFi is a perfect partner to help us unlock that value," said Andrew Antonio, Cofounder and CEO of Urban Sky.

Benefits for SkyFi Users:

  • Rich Archive Data: Access to an extensive library of high-resolution aerial imagery, capturing detailed views of specific US regions.

  • Enhanced Detail and Precision: The remarkable 10 cm resolution imagery paves the way for in-depth urban planning, infrastructure monitoring, and environmental assessments.

  • Anticipated Future Expansion: With the planned expansion in 2024, SkyFi is set to offer even broader coverage and richer insights.

10 cm Image – Denver Bronco's Empower Stadium
10 cm Image – Denver Bronco's Empower Stadium

SkyFi's Commitment to Growth: With the integration of Urban Sky's advanced imaging, SkyFi reinforces its role as a comprehensive source of Earth observation data, continually evolving to cater to the diverse needs of its user base.