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MAY 15

SkyFi and Esper Announce Partnership to Expand Access to Hyperspectral Data

Esper and SkyFi

[Austin, Texas] - SkyFi and Esper today announced a partnership aimed at expanding access to hyperspectral data, which could unlock new insights and possibilities for industries ranging from agriculture to mining. The partnership combines SkyFi's user-friendly platform for accessing satellite imagery with Esper's advanced hyperspectral data capabilities.

Esper, a Melbourne-based company, is building a network of space cameras that gather hyperspectral imagery, capable of tracking atmospheric greenhouse gasses, soil carbon concentrations, and metal mineral deposits on a daily basis. Hyperspectral imagery looks deeper into the spectrum of light to detect unseen chemical compositions, providing hundreds of data points to analyze compared to only a handful in industry-standard satellite imagery such as multispectral. From an image, they can break down an object into the chemicals it is made of. Hyperspectral data is particularly useful for the agriculture and mining industries in accurately detecting and assessing things like minerals in the earth, soil quality and moisture.

SkyFi, on the other hand, simplifies access to Earth observation data with its user-friendly web and mobile apps. The company is also building an analytics app store and storage solution. With this partnership, SkyFi will leverage Esper's hyperspectral data to further enhance the quality of data they provide to their customers. Esper's advanced hyperspectral data capabilities can expand SkyFi's capabilities and bring even more value to their customers, providing accurate insights for a wide range of applications, from tracking soil and atmospheric carbon to mineral excavation and soil and crop metrics mapping for agriculture.

"Esper’s vision is to measure the entirety of the physical world, and hyperspectral and EO are the best way to do that with our current capabilities that we are expanding over the coming years," said Shoaib Iqbal, CEO and Co-founder of Esper. "By making it widely available on a consumer scale through SkyFi, we’re excited about how customers will be able to develop and explore new markets in Earth Sciences that were not even known of."

"At SkyFi, we place a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, particularly in delivering precise and comprehensive data. Our partnership with Esper reinforces this dedication, as it allows us to further enhance the quality of data we provide to our customers," said Ileisa Lambert, Business Development Manager at SkyFi. "Esper is a company that shares our vision of giving that power to everyone. With so many potential uses, the possibilities are endless."

SkyFi is disrupting the satellite industry with transparent pricing, making it easier and more affordable for customers to purchase satellite imagery. The company also has an analytics app store that allows users to build and share tools to solve their most pressing challenges.

Esper, on the other hand, is launching its first satellite at the end of the year, which will include a total of 18 hyperspectral payloads. The company's advanced hyperspectral data capabilities are set to revolutionize how industries gather and use data from Earth observation.

"We really care about the way customers interact with the entire supply chain from our data acquisition to the delivery of the data to the end user and we really care about the user experience one goes through when doing that. SkyFi provides a platform that makes it much easier to get the seamless experience overcoming the problems the industry has been known for, which makes us really excited about the platform," said Shoaib Iqbal.

This partnership marks an exciting milestone for both SkyFi and Esper, as they work together to bring the power of hyperspectral data to more users around the world.

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