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Revolutionize Your Workflow With SkyFi’s Open Data

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Access open data directly through SkyFi for free. Open data is available globally and updated every five days.

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SkyFi is the only Earth observation data provider with a web and mobile app that acts as a one stop shop for your geospatial needs. Whether you are looking for free open data, enhancing your projects with an array of commercial data solutions, or need geographical analytics, SkyFi is your solution.

  • One Stop Shop

    Unlock infinite possibilities! With SkyFi, you can streamline your data workflow seamlessly with access to both open and commercial data enhanced by our powerful analytics tool, SkyFi Insights.

  • Easy UX

    SkyFi is intuitive for all. Our user-friendly interface empowers beginners and professionals alike. SkyFi puts the power of data at your fingertips no matter your expertise.

  • Frequently Updated Library

    Our library offers the latest in open and commercial data. SkyFi’s up to the minute image library keeps you ahead of the curve to meet your critical deadlines.

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40.7128º N74.0060º W

SkyFi Is Your All-In-One Solution For Open Data And Analytics

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    Type in any place or coordinates and find up-to-date satellite imagery for free.



    Choose between high resolution commercial data or free open data.



    See sensor type, resolution size, image date and delivery time.

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Pair Open Data With SkyFi's Analytics

Unleash the full potential of geospatial knowledge by combining open data with SkyFi's powerful analytics platform, SkyFi Insights. Seamlessly overlay analytics on Earth observation data to derive actionable insights for your projects and planning. Simplify your workflow and elevate your GIS projects with SkyFi's integrated solutions.

Easifying Access To Satellite Imagery No Longer Just for the 1%


Single Archive Image




*High-resolution daytime image

Single Tasking Image




*High-resolution daytime image

Connect to our API to get direct access to all of the resolutions, product types, and capabilities needed to enhance your data operations.

High Resolution Optical
High Resolution Optical
Synthetic aperture radar (SAR)
Synthetic aperture radar (SAR)
Night Imaging
Night Imaging
Satellite Video
Satellite Video

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    Get immediate access to our user-friendly interface and start exploring anywhere on the planet with transparent pricing options upfront.

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    Order open data for free and receive it via email shortly after your order. Order open data for free and receive it via email shortly after your order. You can also purchase new or existing commercial imagery.

About SkyFi

SkyFi is easifying the world of Earth observation and data analytics. Using our intuitive app, you can access vast archives of imagery or capture new, bespoke images from satellites, planes and more. But we don't stop there. SkyFi Insights translates the wealth of data within these images into clear, actionable intelligence. Now, complex data analytics is as easy as clicking a button and as affordable as ever. Welcome to the new era of Earth data.

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