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SkyFi is easifying space, empowering the masses with a tool actively changing the world. As this technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, more and more hedge funds are turning to satellite data for a competitive edge in the market. The entire market has access to publicly available data. Those using Earth Observation data have the upper hand to do their due diligence on their investments. Learn how SkyFi is transforming businesses across the globe.

  • Replace inefficient, manual site assessment that costs time and money.

  • Build intelligent solutions for aerial mapping, site analysis, progress monitoring, and more.

  • Optimize construction operations to effectively analyze projects, mitigate risks, and save resources.

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On-Demand Geospatial & Analytics Data for Construction Projects

  • Construction_Aerial Mapping


    Developers can use satellite imagery to create detailed maps and 3D models that provide valuable insights to determine the feasibility of a project, assess the location's suitability for the intended use, and identify potential challenges that may need to be addressed, such as zoning restrictions or environmental concerns.

  • Construction_Site Analysis


    Satellite imagery can be used to analyze a construction site before beginning work to identify potential obstacles, such as existing structures or natural features, and plan accordingly.

  • Progress Monitoring


    Satellite imagery can be used to monitor construction progress over time.

  • Environmental Assessment


    By analyzing satellite images, construction professionals can identify potential environmental hazards, such as wetlands or endangered species habitats, and take appropriate measures to mitigate any negative impact on the environment.

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Construction Case Studies


    Many businesses lack a solution to verify carbon emission reductions.


    Using satellite imagery, SkyFi is able to map land-use changes, estimate forest biomass, monitor emissions from industrial facilities, and track agricultural practices before and after the implementation of carbon offset projects. This can help these businesses determine if their projects are effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • API

    Agricultural businesses find themselves at a technical disadvantage by relying on limited data from drones or other sources to monitor land.


    Agricultural projects have been improved by replacing drone data with <1m satellite images from SkyFi. With a more efficient, cost-effective method of monitoring land, SkyFi has helped several businesses improve their overall project success rate.

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With access to a network of over 100 individual satellites and diversified product types, SkyFi is your solution for any and all satellite imagery needs.

High Resolution Optical
High Resolution Optical
Synthetic aperture radar (SAR)
Synthetic aperture radar (SAR)
Night Imaging
Night Imaging
Satellite Video
Satellite Video

Easifying Access To Satellite Imagery No Longer Just for the 1%


Single Archive Image




*High-resolution daytime image

Single Tasking Image




*High-resolution daytime image

Connect to our API to get direct access to all of the resolutions, product types, and capabilities needed to enhance your data operations.

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About SkyFi

SkyFi is easifying the world of Earth observation and data analytics. Using our intuitive app, you can access vast archives of imagery or capture new, bespoke images from satellites, planes and more. But we don't stop there. SkyFi Insights translates the wealth of data within these images into clear, actionable intelligence. Now, complex data analytics is as easy as clicking a button and as affordable as ever. Welcome to the new era of Earth data.

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