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What Happens When You Order Your Image?

Satellite in space taking image

Space is no longer just for governments and billionaires. Welcome to the club.

Using SkyFi is like having your own personal in-hand satellite, except we handle the complex engineering and systems necessary to get you quality imagery and data – in record time. It’s high-tech, but not technical. Here’s how it works:

If you purchased an Existing Image from our image library, you can expect your asset to hit your email inbox within three hours. Purchasing an Existing Image is the fastest way to access satellite imagery. By tapping into the Archive Library of satellite imagery stored by our extensive network of satellite providers, you can bypass the process of activating a satellite to capture your area of interest, without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Experience Speed, Convenience, and Accessibility with SkyFi's New Image Requests

If you purchased a New Image, then there is already a constellation of satellites getting ready to complete your request about ~350 miles above your head. Whether you’re monitoring international supply chains or capturing precious moments from space, we bring speed, convenience and accessibility to satellite imagery that cannot be beat by boots on the ground.

SkyFi has an ever-growing network of satellites throughout Earth’s orbit that gives you easy access to the planet’s surface and all that humans are accomplishing on it. We carefully identify which satellite is in the best position to fulfill your request based on its location, task load, and the current weather over your area of interest.

If, for example, there is cloud cover over Fenway Park, but you’ve requested an image of the stadium, our control center carefully calculates which satellite has the best chance of getting a clear snapshot and puts it to the task.

Once the satellite captures your image, SkyFi works with a network of earthbound receiving stations to download your image from space. Once downloaded, we send your New Image straight to you. To ensure the best resolution and quality of your snapshot, this process can take up to 48 hours after the image has been captured. So, sit back, relax, and let the excitement build. Your very own image from space has started its journey to your inbox.

In some cases, a high resolution satellite image just isn’t meant to be. If our network of satellites fails to take the image you’ve requested due to bad weather (i.e. clouds) or unavailable satellite capacity, you will receive a full refund on your purchase. This risk-free approach is what has drawn thousands of customers to SkyFi.

You don’t need a personal rocket to explore Earth from space anymore. We’re working hard to make the observation of our planet accessible to everybody, and your purchase is an incredible step toward that goal. 

Know someone else who would love to try SkyFi’s app to capture high-res satellite photos and video? Use the unique code below to refer them to SkyFi. If they download the app, you’ll receive 10% off your next purchase. With your help, we can make space accessible to everyone.


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