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SkyFi Hires Dale Husband as UX Researcher

Dale Husband

Dale hails from a small town called Burnley, located around 40 minutes from Manchester, UK. He is a contented husband and proud father to a 10-month-old son. Dale has resided in various cities, including Milan, Italy, and Muenster, Germany, before settling in Turin, Piemonte, Italy.

His background is diverse, having initially studied IT Systems Hardware and CISCO. He spent some time building and fixing computers, as well as constructing and maintaining networks. Dale later switched careers to customer experience and care, working on a Microsoft Office 365 Project while in Germany. He then transitioned to education and training while in Italy, where he deepened his knowledge of Customer Experience (CX) but gradually moved towards his tech background. At SkyFi, Dale is engaged in User Experience Research (UXR), where he will leverage his diverse experiences to advocate for our customers during the design process.

Why SkyFi?

Well, what's there not to like! Apart from my UX Research passions, I've always been fascinated by space (I'm the sort of guy that watches those 24 hour streams about Space on YouTube!) so when I saw this opportunity come up, I was intrigued from the get go! Also the chance to specialize in this industry as a UX Research is something I couldn't pass up

What will your role in SkyFi be?

I'll be a UX Researcher, basically trying my best to bring our users, their needs and desires, to the design process. Any new features, updates or the like will have the users needs at the heart of them!

What’s one thing that surprised you about SkyFi?

I think the unity of the team. Everyone has everyone's best interests at heart and everyone's happy working together despite the distances between us all. It's a team with a big heart!

What would you say to someone who has never heard of SkyFi before reading this article?

I would say go and check out what we do and what we're about! SkyFi is a company with a huge potential to make a massive impact in various industries around the world, so keep an eye on us!