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SkyFi Hires Ben Morgan as Enterprise Solutions Manager

Ben Morgan Joins SkyFi

The latest addition to the SkyFi team is Ben Morgan, a graduate from the University of Kansas who has since relocated to Austin, Texas. For over a decade, Ben has worked in customer-facing positions with a focus on enterprise technology solutions. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano and tinkering with old cars and airplanes. It is safe to say we are excited to have another pilot on the team!

As the Enterprise Solutions Manager at SkyFi, Ben's primary responsibility will be to identify and engage with large enterprise customers to ensure their needs are being met. He will also develop and maintain a pipeline of new business opportunities, negotiate contracts, and integrate enterprise customers who will be ordering through the SkyFi API. In addition, Ben will work closely with the marketing team to ensure customer outreach and success, while also developing and maintaining a robust pipeline of new business opportunities.

Why SkyFi?

SkyFi immediately had my attention. Young, innovative, very well positioned at the focal point between satellite operators, analytics tools and the end user. A fascinating and unique opportunity in the earth observation space at the right time, with a team of incredibly smart folks from all over the world. Sign me up!

What are your goals as the Enterprise Solutions Manager?

Help to build SkyFi into a great, meaningful and sustainable business by empowering all with access to satellites and aerial photography easier than ever before. I aspire to learn as much as I can about the industry as a whole. 

What’s your favorite satellite image?

Lake Kahola, Kansas
Lake Kahola, Kansas

Can you share a fun fact you have learned only after joining SkyFi?

SAR satellites are just incredible, they see through tree canopies, clouds, work in both daytime or night, and are astonishingly useful technology with many untapped applications. I've enjoyed learning much more about them after joining SkyFi. 

What drives you?

I am persistently curious, and I have a strong commitment to hitting personal goals and milestones I have set out for myself. That drive for success is amplified when I am surrounded at my place of work by other passionate people who are in that same mindset. 

What would you say to someone who has never heard of SkyFi before reading this article?

SkyFi is unlocking the power of real-time earth observation for the masses, the easier we are able to view and analyze our pale blue dot, the more we are empowered to foster positive changes and answer questions about it. Download an app on your phone and command a satellite in space traveling 17,000 mph to take a picture. Amazing.