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SkyFi Announces Integration with Satellogic to Expand Earth Observation Services

Satellogic x SkyFi

Austin, TX - SkyFi, a leading provider of Earth observation (EO) data, is proud to announce its partnership and integration with Satellogic, a vertically integrated Earth observation company. This partnership will allow SkyFi to expand its virtual constellation of satellites and provide more options and better services to its customers.

SkyFi's mission is to easify access to Earth observation data through its web and mobile app, providing a seamless user experience and transparent pricing. Since its global launch in January, 2023, SkyFi apps have had more than 76,000 user sessions, created over 11,000 user accounts, and been engaged by customers in 185 countries. The company is focused on building a streamlined end-to-end EO marketplace, complete with an integrated insights platform and storage solution, that serves customers from inquiry to answer. 

"Our partnership with Satellogic aligns perfectly with our commitment to easify access to Earth observation data. By expanding our virtual constellation of satellites and increasing our capabilities with the addition of 30 new satellites from Satellogic, we are able to offer our customers more options, quicker tasking, and greater value, while maintaining our focus on delivering high-quality data," said Luke Fischer, Co-Founder and CEO of SkyFi.

Satellogic, founded in 2010 by Emiliano Kargieman and Gerardo Richarte, is a leader in sub-meter resolution EO data collection. With currently 30 satellites in low-Earth orbit, Satellogic has announced plans to launch up to 17 more by the end of the year with the end-goal of 200+ for daily global remapping.

The integration with Satellogic will allow SkyFi customers to task Satellogic images through the platform starting on March 14, 2023. 

Priority Tasking will also be a feature, allowing users to task and receive a New Image order within 24 hours.

"At Satellogic, our mission is to democratize access to satellite imagery. Nothing could make our data more accessible than giving people the ability to task our satellites from the palms of their hands, which is why we're so excited to partner with SkyFi to provide imagery with their new phone app,” said Caitlin Kontgis, VP of Go-to-Market at Satellogic.

Durban, South Africa (April 2022)
Durban, South Africa (April 2022)
Durban, South Africa (May 2022)
Durban, South Africa (May 2022)

Images Description: South Africa’s deadliest storm produced more than 12 inches of rain in 24 hours, resulting in flash floods and landslides. Satellite imagery offers a timely and scalable perspective to expedite emergency response–revealing safe routes vs. compromised infrastructure like washed out roads or collapsed bridges. Before-and-After images like this also support risk analysis to inform recovery efforts and planning for future resilience.

SkyFi's integration with Satellogic will provide access to industry-leading capacity and quality, enabling affordable, high-frequency, global tasking with up to 7 daily revisits over select points of interest.. Each Satellogic NewSat provides submeter resolution in the 0.7-0.99m range, with plans to make higher resolutions available in the near future

SkyFi customers will gain access to the best possible EO data, unlocking a market of individuals and small businesses who have previously not had access to such technology and data. SkyFi's simple and intuitive user interface, transparent pricing, and focus on customer wants and needs make it the go-to platform for anyone looking for Earth observation data.