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Rachel Finn Joins SkyFi as UX Designer

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We are beyond excited to welcome Rachel Finn as the new User Experience Designer at SkyFi! With an impressive background in design and a passion for crafting user-friendly experiences, Rachel is set to bring her creative flair and unique expertise to our team.

Rachel's journey in design started with her double major in Fine Arts and Politics at the University of California, Santa Cruz and earning esteemed accolades like the 21st Century Leonardo Da Vinci Scholar and the Irwin Scholarship.

Determined to dive deeper into the realm of user-centric design, Rachel embarked on an immersive journey at General Assembly. There she honed her skills in interaction design, wireframing, and prototyping while working remotely with agile methodologies and iterative development.

Just before SkyFi, Rachel worked at Wisdm, where she played a pivotal role in creating mobile-first prototypes and understanding user needs. Rachel made significant contributions to establishing the brand identity and revamping the website, leaving a lasting impact on the company's success.

We can't wait to see Rachel work her magic at SkyFi, enhancing our user experiences and bringing her creative spark to every project she touches! With her impressive achievements and dynamic skill set, we're absolutely thrilled to have Rachel as part of our creative team at SkyFi.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey! My name is Rachel, and I am from Berkeley, California. As the daughter of an architect and a sociologist, I grew up viewing the world through a curious and analytical lens. I have always loved art-making, and followed this passion to study at the University of California Santa Cruz where I double majored in Art and Politics, followed by a secondary degree in Apparel Design & Merchandising, and formal training in UX and UI design. Outside of work hours I like to read (mostly a science fiction and fantasy gal), engage in any and all crafts, roller-skate, climb, relax at my local lake (ok fine, it’s a pond), and spend time with my friends, family, and cat.

Tell us about your background before SkyFi.

My professional journey has been non-linear, and allowed me to wear many different, and very cool hats. As a continuous learner driven by curiosity and the desire to make a positive impact in areas I value, I have grown through roles in community management, curriculum development and instruction, graphic design, fashion design, visual merchandising, and UX design. Before joining SkyFi, I was helping early stage start-ups achieve market validation through foundational research, product strategy, and building MVPs from the ground up.

Why did you choose SkyFi?

SkyFi is building a product that matters, and that matters to me. Democratizing access to satellite imagery and its respective insights opens up an exciting world of possibilities where the use cases are virtually endless. For exampIe, I am excited to see how our product can and will help aid in environmental protection and climate science.

What will your role in SkyFi be?

I will be contributing to SkyFi’s mission as a UX Designer, where I will apply a holistic approach to help shape product strategy and the overall user experience.

What are your goals for the next few months to a year?

I’m looking forward to using my design sensibilities and interdisciplinary background to optimize users’ experiences within SkyFi, and work closely with my colleagues throughout the enterprise to design intuitive UX to support our Insights Platform.

What would you say is your biggest drive for success?

Contributing to a product that has real, meaningful impact in the world, as well as personal and professional growth.

What is one thing that surprised you about SkyFi?

I wouldn’t necessarily say I am surprised, but delighted to meet and learn about all the amazing team members at SkyFi. I feel lucky to join a group of kind, supportive, and incredibly talented individuals who are spread all around the world!

Can you share a fun fact you have learned only after joining SkyFi?

I find SAR imagery particularly fascinating as it leverages radar technology to produce detailed high-resolution images, a captivating process that holds a personal connection as my grandfather was a radar design expert.

What would you say to someone who has never heard of SkyFi before reading this article?

SkyFi is for anybody and everybody. I am not someone who considers myself to be a highly technical person and definitely don’t have a background in Earth Observation, and our product is immediately fascinating, and usable for me.

Do you have a favorite satellite image or an area you are interested in purchasing a satellite image for?

I am in awe of this image of the Manam Volcano in Papua New Guinea. It is a beautiful example of Earth’s natural beauty and raw power.

 Manam Volcano in Papua New Guinea
Manam Volcano in Papua New Guinea