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Partnership with SIIS Gives SkyFi Access to KOMPSAT Satellite Images

SkyFi Partners with SIIS

SkyFi, the satellite imaging company bringing the power of earth observation (EO) to everyone, not just government and defense, has expanded its array through a new partnership agreement with SI Imaging Services (SIIS). The agreement gives SkyFi access to SIIS’s very high resolution (VHR) Korean Multi Purpose Satellite (KOMPSAT) images.

SIIS is the sales representative of KOMPSAT series 2, 3, 3A, and 5. It contributes to the remote sensing and earth observation industries by supplying VHR optical and SAR satellite imagery through 160 partners worldwide. KOMPSAT was developed under the Korean National Space Program by Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI). Customers from industries and governments use KOMPSAT imagery for their missions and research, such as defense, disaster monitoring, mapping, urban planning, agriculture, etc. 

“SkyFi is extremely excited to partner with SIIS, a leader in the industry with earth observation solutions,” enthused SkyFi Chief Executive Officer Luke Fischer. “With SIIS’s very high resolution satellite imagery, SkyFi will be able to provide consumers of all types with a superior product. SIIS and SkyFi share a vision of establishing transparency to the earth observation industry and are excited to bring this vision to consumers.”

Adding another international partner to provide satellite data ensures SkyFi can adapt to geographical and political constraints. SkyFi is in the midst of an aggressive campaign to bolster its image library, in-orbit satellite access, and artificial intelligence analytics capabilities.

SkyFi Leadership with the CEO of Satrec at WSBW
SkyFi Leadership with the CEO of Satrec at WSBW

Incorporating SIIS’s KOMPSAT data into its in-network constellation, gives SkyFi additional low earth orbit image sources as well as access to its partner’s archive of existing photos. More images in a larger library translates to more choices and more precision for end-users. The ability to market this existing imagery is instrumental in SkyFi’s mission to democratize EO and simplify the way businesses and individuals purchase satellite photos by making them available through a user-friendly marketplace accessible by desktop computer and mobile device. The company is conducting waves of beta testing with more than 200 users working to optimize an intuitive interface and streamline the purchase process for images as well as analytics.

“Through the partnership with SkyFi, SIIS expects more visibility and accessibility of our very high-resolution KOMPSAT imagery for a broader customer base across various sectors,” said Moongyu Kim, CEO of SIIS. “SkyFi’s platform gives innovative and intuitive user experiences to customers in acquiring satellite images from various providers without forcing them to wade through any (space) jargon.”

The current marketplace for satellite imagery is convoluted and expensive. Typically, purchasers unable to spend six figures for images are shut out of the market. Those who can muster the minimum budget must negotiate with sales representatives and often find it difficult to nail down a firm price. The SkyFi platform will empower individuals and organizations to browse images, self-select the ones they want, pay a reasonable, transparent fee, and receive their photos in a few days. 

Ultimately, SkyFi also will offer analysis services for the images it sells. Among its 14 partners are data science firms that apply machine learning, artificial intelligence, and sophisticated algorithms to unlock valuable data evidenced in the images. This evaluation is what unlocks the intelligence that can help solve many of the world’s challenges, such as global warming, natural disasters, national defense, food security, and more.