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Meet Mikkel, Senior GIS/Remote Sensing Specialist

Meet Mikkel

Mikkel will be joining our operations team as Senior Remote Sensing Specialist and will impact all parts of the business including helping our engineers understand basic EO needs. His expertise in GIS and remote-sensing will also help us deliver data that is easy to understand.

Mikkel is a geographer by education but has worked with satellite imagery and Earth observation for 13 years. He drew his first maps by kindergarten! Since then, he's worked with mapping for 10 years and has worked with a wide range of applications from mapping whales from space to mapping water levels and agriculture patterns.

Why SkyFi?

I joined SkyFi because as an Earth Observation Specialist, I've experienced the challenges and complexities of working with commercial satellite imagery first hand a number of times and I thought that it was high time that a company made it easy and straightforward to get access to the data. When SkyFi reached out, I figured that I'd be a great match to work on assuring that the data that SkyFi provides is harmonized and ready for viewing or further analysis.

What's your favorite satellite image? 

Difficult question really, having looked at so many different images and data types. I guess that I'll have to choose two images, rather than one. The first would be a classic Meteosat Second Generation composite image covering the whole disk of the earth from geostationary orbit. For me, an image like this really highlights the scale of the earth and the scope of what satellite imagery and earth observation can do. As for the second image, I'll go in the other direction and choose a very high resolution image, preferably from one of the newest generation of satellites with 30cm spatial resolution or better, where small details can be seen. Such imagery are great feats of engineering and I find it amazing that such details can be seen from hundreds of kilometers away.

What's the most exciting thing about SkyFi? 

For me, it is the opportunity to work with Earth Observation in a product oriented manner, rather than the traditional project consultancy approach. The opportunity to continuously improve and expand upon the core features and turn the whole thing into a sustainable product is an exciting change for me.

Meteosat Image of Earth
Meteosat Image of Earth

What is your role at SkyFi?

As an Earth Observation Specialist, my role is to assist both the product team and the engineering team with assuring that they have the subject matter expertise available to solve their day-to-day tasks. For the product team, I help with assuring that they can provide the clients with the right data for the problems at hand, and for the engineering team, I assist with my years of experience with processing and preprocessing of satellite imagery and know-how within projection systems, mosaicking of imagery, color stretching, and other typical tasks within analytical earth observation.

What drives you? 

While I am a geographer and geoinformatics expert by trade and education, I have an engineer's drive for solving problems and finding good solutions to problems at hand, so on a day-to-day level, my key drive is having interesting problems to solve, be they within our own data pipeline, or how to best leverage satellite imagery to assist with a challenge that a client is facing.