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Meet Ileisa Lambert, Business Development Manager @ SkyFi

Ileisa Lambert, Business Development Manager

Like much of the SkyFi team, Ileisa does not come from a technology or space background. Following her master's degree in engineering, Ileisa worked in the design and technical engineering roles at some of the nation's most prestigious infrastructure companies. In early 2022, she took interest in a Business Development Manager role at SkyFi, interviewed, and started a couple of weeks later. Today, Ileisa works closely with Kammy Brun, SkyFi’s VP of Strategy and Business Development. If you’re a business or customer looking to partner with SkyFi, you’ve most likely spoken with her. Due to her being one of the first 10 people at the company, she has practically written the playbook on SkyFi Business Development and is always looking to discover new industries that can benefit from satellite imagery.

Interested in connecting with Ileisa? Here's her LinkedIn.

Why SkyFi?

Throughout my career, I have always been a problem-solver. My vast experiences encompass working as a chemist exploring catalyst solutions, engaging as a water resources engineer designing projects to increase water availability in California, and facilitating projects as a technical resource engineer through the improvement of roads and bridges throughout the nation. At SkyFi, all the puzzle pieces have fallen into place. By combining my engineering, marketing, design, and sales experience, I can share information with the world's most valuable commodity – people. I find it truly remarkable, and a great story to tell my mom who always thought I would become a doctor.

What's your favorite satellite image

It's definitely the satellite image of Seville, Spain. The scene transports me back to my study abroad days in Spain where the aroma of fresh churros filled the air, and the rhythmic tapping of flamenco dancing echoed, complemented by laughter at local cafes lining the cobblestone streets of Seville. It's a place full of love, warmth, and most importantly, joy. The power of a single image to evoke so many memories is amazing. Besides being a Window to the World, SkyFi is a collection of unforgettable memories...and a great reason to keep making them.

Severe, Spain – As Seen from Space
Severe, Spain – As Seen from Space

What's the most exciting thing about SkyFi?

SkyFi has fostered a purposeful technological presence by creating a dynamic and innovative APP which enhances the capabilities of what consumers can currently access and proactively address. For what some consider earth-shattering, SkyFi’s forward-thinking has paved the way to allow the purchase of high-resolution satellite images from a phone, tablet, or computer. Beyond accessibility, I'm excited about joining SkyFi's team because of its potential to make a difference in the world. Data can be used to create viable solutions for fighting famine, responding to disasters, improving crop yields, analyzing climate change, and so much more.

What is your role at SkyFi?

As a business development manager, I educate our customers about our product and its variety of applications, as well as, forge long-term relationships with partners who convey additional data to our users. With simplicity and significance at its core, SkyFi is revolutionizing the way Earth Observation data is accessed and purchased. Being a part of a customer-centric company and having experience in the consumer market, I understand how important it is to offer something that is both accessible and cost-effective while also presenting a broad range of products and services. I have the exciting and unique opportunity to gain first-hand insight into what customers want and put their desires at the center of everything I do. Who would have ever thought you could order satellite imagery from your phone while binge-watching your favorite Netflix show on the couch? If this sounds like the right product for you, feel free to contact SkyFi or me directly. As an added perk, I'll even help you choose a Netflix show!

What drives you?

I have always been driven by a sense of purpose. Like those before me, including Dr. Mae Jemison, Dorothy Lavinia Brown, and Katherine Johnson, I feel motivated to build the bridge that will allow future generations of women of color to cross. It is evident that women are underrepresented in STEM industries as a whole, but women of color make up only 5% of this population. Throughout my career, I have realized that representation and being a role model are extremely important, whether I am in a lab, at a conference, in an office, or even on a construction site. While I work towards being a “bridge-builder” for future generations, I hope that young girls – whether they want to be scientists, engineers, or even business development managers– will see that there is no limit to what they can achieve in this world.