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Get Ready for SkyFi Insights

What will you do with SkyFi Insights?

In Earth Observation, understanding data is everything. It drives decision-making, fuels innovation, and powers progress. Despite the abundance of data available, interpretation and action can be difficult and time consuming due to the complexity of the data, the need for specialized tools and expertise, and the limited availability of data analysis resources. 

At SkyFi, we believe that everyone can benefit from Earth Observation data and that accessing EO insights should be as effortless and intuitive as everyday experiences like ordering on Amazon or calling an Uber. 

Insights In Clear Sight

Get ready for SkyFi Insights, an analytics marketplace empowering users to uncover answers to the questions they have about their world. By bringing together an intuitive user experience and diverse analytics offerings, we are expanding the potential and clarity of Earth Observation data, all within the SkyFi app.

While our journey started with easifying access to EO imagery, our ultimate goal is to deliver direct answers to your questions. 

  • “Where is clean water available in Africa?”

  • “How many new buildings have been built in this town in the last 5 years?”

  • “I wonder what the flood risk is of this property I’m thinking about buying?”

  • “How is climate change impacting sea levels in London?” 

Our intent with SkyFi insights is to help get you answers to complicated questions without spending time navigating complex technical processes or digging through raw data.

We’re partnering with top analytics providers to ensure that our platform is powered by the latest machine learning algorithms and data visualization techniques. We are designing an intuitive user interface within the SkyFi app that makes it easy for you to explore and understand the data that matters to you.

Soil Moisture Content Analysis
Soil Moisture Content Analysis

Help Us Help You Change the World

As we’ve previously noted, customer satisfaction is at the core of what we do, and SkyFi Insights is no different. Tell us what will help you answer your complicated questions by completing this brief survey.

We believe in the power of user feedback, and we want to hear from you. Share your ideas and suggestions with us, and we'll work to incorporate them into future updates and releases.

Join us on this journey to unlock the full potential of Earth Observation.