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GEOSAT Partnership Increases SkyFi’s Access To Imagery


SkyFi, the satellite imaging company putting the world in the palm of your hand, has partnered with GEOSAT to enhance its quasi-real-time and near-real-time earth observation (EO) capabilities. By adding GEOSAT1, GEOSAT2, and eight additional planned launches to its affiliated constellation of more than 70 LEO Earth satellites, SkyFi augments its resources for providing clear images of any place on earth to anyone accessing a computer, tablet, or smartphone

GEOSAT & SkyFi Team at WSBW
GEOSAT & SkyFi Team at WSBW

The agreement leverages SkyFi’s strategy of making high-resolution satellite photos available and accessible to researchers, first responders, businesses, and the average consumer by partnering with experienced, service-minded companies that have already deployed satellites into orbit. Terms of the deal call for GEOSAT to provide SkyFi with imagery from its own network of satellites, ultimately expanding the options for SkyFi’s end-user.

“This partnership will help us expand SkyFi’s image sources, as GEOSAT offers spatial resolution at 40-centimeter optical image. Not only will this partnership help us grow our network of in-orbit satellites, but it also enables us to offer even more resolution options to our end-users,” said Kammy Brun, SkyFi’s VP of Strategy & Business Development.

GEOSAT’s combination of very-high resolution and very wide swath imagery (650km), complemented with analytics targeted at specific vertical markets in a great variety of fields and applications is one of its main assets. The company supplies tailored services, adapted to customer’s needs, and meets very strict deadlines (near-real time, within 30 minutes).

"We are excited to partner with SkyFi to expand our customer base and enable more individuals to use satellite data to solve problems around the world," said Francisco Vilhena da Cunha, GEOSAT’s CEO.

With the GEOSAT agreement in place, SkyFi now has built partnerships with 14 innovative companies. This aggressive pursuit of providers to deliver holistic value includes arrangements with not only satellite providers like GEOSAT, but also analytics services companies that can interpret and extrapolate insights from the images.

“With our ever-expanding network of more than 40 satellites, SkyFi is well on our way to accomplishing our mission to unlock access to these images and making it easier for companies to solve the toughest problems the world faces, and individuals to indulge their sense of wonder,” said Luke Fischer, SkyFi’s CEO. “Our consumer marketplace is the one-stop shop for earth observation, featuring an intuitive process and up-front pricing that allows anyone to order existing images or order a new image by tasking a satellite with a few clicks or keystrokes.”

Partnering with SkyFi helps imaging and analytics companies achieve astronomical growth and rapid scaling by accessing the average consumer and small business market while helping bring earth observation and spatial imagery to everyone who needs it.

“Companies like GEOSAT, who share SkyFi’s vision and commitment to access and transparency are instrumental in ensuring all consumers can maintain open access to satellite imagery and analysis-ready data,” Luke concluded